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Journey to Zazzle: The Lily Zane Story

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Welcome to “Lily Zane On Zazzle,” a vibrant canvas of dreams, creativity, and entrepreneurship. This space documents my journey with Zazzle, an online marketplace that unites artists and patrons, breathing life into the ‘art-possible.’

Unfolding fresh from the nurturing halls of college, a Fine Arts degree in hand, I stumbled upon a few YouTube videos about Zazzle. As an artist at heart, Zazzle presented itself not just as an avenue for my creative expression, but also as an opportunity to spin my passion into a livelihood. The concept of earning from what I love doing most was too enticing to resist. Thus, my summer began with a splash of colors, a sprinkle of ideas, and the birth of my Zazzle store.

My journey has been as exciting as it has been challenging. Starting up was a breeze, but certain aspects, like figuring out the maze of product categories, proved to be tougher puzzles. Yet, every step is a lesson learned, every mistake a path to improvement.

It is not just about me painting or sketching anymore. It’s also about understanding what the customer wants, even if that means stepping outside my comfort zone. From painting and graphics to personalized items, the range of products in my store has grown immensely, each one a snippet of my evolving style.

Much of my Zazzle journey so far has been about mastering the nuances of SEO and keywords and marketing through social media platforms like Pinterest. As I strive to learn, experiment, and improve, I hope to see my store flourish and attract more visitors.

The journey may be fresh, but the dreams are big. Imagine earning a steady income doing what I love! A thousand dollars a month doesn’t seem too far-fetched, given the success stories I’ve come across. And once that goal is met, why not aim for five thousand next?

This journey is not just about my Zazzle store or the money. It’s also about the joy of creating, the excitement of the upcoming fall and winter holidays, the anticipation of designing festive products, and yes, even the thrill of ordering my very own creation—a cool retro comic-style hoodie!

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