My First Week on Zazzle: Lessons from a Fine Arts Grad

As a recent Fine Arts graduate, I found myself standing at the threshold of a summer brimming with potential. My gracious parents offered me the freedom to explore my passion before joining the ranks of full-time employees. I took a shot at turning my artistic prowess into a sustainable venture on Zazzle, an online marketplace I’d heard much about.

Opening my store on Zazzle was surprisingly straightforward. Navigating the platform, on the other hand, offered its share of challenges. While assembling Collections felt like a walk in the park, mastering Categories still has me stumped. I continue to grapple with positioning my products in the most visible spots. I’m confident, though, that I’ll conquer this learning curve sooner rather than later.

I’ve always been enamored by the visual arts – painting, drawing, and graphic design have long been my forte. However, I quickly realized that Zazzle’s vast audience might have diverse tastes. To cater to a larger market, I began to venture beyond my typical style. I designed a variety of items that could be personalized with family photos and names, hopefully appealing to customers looking for that special, custom touch.

Learning the ropes of SEO and keyword usage is something I’ve delved into headfirst. While far from an expert, I’m continually researching how to leverage these tools to their maximum potential. They could be my key to attracting more traffic and getting my store noticed.

In terms of marketing, I’ve found Pinterest to be a powerful ally. The platform has been touted as an effective, free marketing tool on various YouTube videos, and I’ve put this advice into practice. Simultaneously, I’ve launched my blog,, hoping it might further boost traffic. Social media platforms like Facebook and Instagram are on my future to-do list, albeit with some apprehension due to my personal experiences and concerns about body image issues.

I’ve set my initial monthly earnings goal at $1,000, inspired by the many success stories I’ve encountered. This, I believe, is an achievable first step. Once I reach this milestone consistently, I plan to aim for a heftier $5,000 per month.

With the fall and winter holidays on the horizon, I’m brimming with anticipation. I relish these festive seasons and look forward to designing products to match the spirit. I am sure to make at least one sale, as I can’t resist ordering a hoodie featuring my own retro comic-style design.

An Example of My Morning Coffee Pinterest Comic Board 🙂

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