My Weeks Are Adding Up!

Hey there, fellow creators! I can hardly believe it’s already been over eight weeks since I embarked on my journey with Zazzle. Time flies when you’re busy building dreams and expanding horizons. Speaking of which, I’m thrilled to share that I’ve taken the plunge and opened a brand new store. 🛍️

The knowledge and insights I’ve gained along the way have been invaluable, guiding me toward making better choices for this new venture. What’s truly exciting is that this time, I’ve chosen a niche that’s both specific and diverse, covering a wide range of products. It’s this versatility that has me brimming with hope for early success.

Already, I’m witnessing a surge in visitors to this new store compared to my first one. It’s clear that applying the lessons learned and heeding the advice received from seasoned sellers is paying off. Not only have my product selections and research improved, but my collections are also better organized, making for a more enjoyable shopping experience for my customers.

As I pack my bags and head to the mountains for a few days of well-deserved downtime, I can’t help but anticipate the creative flood that’s sure to follow. Nature has a magical way of sparking inspiration, and I’m counting on coming back with a notebook full of exciting ideas to infuse into my designs.

On the horizon, there’s a mini class by the incredible Jen and Elke Clarke that I’m eager to dive into. While I won’t be able to attend live, I’m grateful they’ll be recording it. After all, every bit of knowledge adds another brushstroke to the masterpiece I’m creating on my Zazzle canvas.

In the meantime, I hope you’re staying safe and cool, especially if you’re facing the heatwave. And for those who are fortunate enough to be surrounded by cooler temperatures, soak in that beautiful weather for me. Until next time, safe travels, and keep creating magic!

Warm regards

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